26th January 2023
MyLab™X90 Live Event - Premium Ultrasound
with Augmented Insight™

Augmented Insight™ embeds all the solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, developed by the Research & Development department at Esaote according to a multidisciplinary approach, across different modalities such as Ultrasound, MRI and Ebit. Based on data-driven machine learning, Augmented Insight™ is designed to simplify the workflow in repetitive gestures, complex procedures, measurements or lesions analysis.

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Augmented Insight™

MyLab™X90 Premium Ultrasound

Intelligent Imaging Solutions

MyLab™X90 @ECR 2023

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Experience Intelligent Imaging

A simple image can make the difference in treating your patients; Esaote is therefore committed now more than ever to providing you with the ultimate technologies in ultrasound imaging. MyLab™X90 is Esaote's premium ultrasound platform, designed to deliver outstanding image quality and advanced clinical solutions. Bridging the clinical information and an A.I.-driven workflow for the first time, with MyLab™X90, you will experience your first Intelligent Imaging ultrasound device.

Augmented Insight™: Esaote intelligent solutions

Augmented Insight™: Esaote intelligent solutions


Automatic contouring of thyroid and breast lesions in suspicious areas suggested (ROI) by the physicians


Automatic segmentation of the prostate MRI/US, followed by autoregistration of both modalities for targeted biopsies


Automatic Ejection fraction assessment of the left ventricle


Automatic proposals for fetal biometric measurements

Breast Mass Analysis

BMA: Automatic proposal of breast lesion classification, inside a region of clinical interest (ROI)

BreastNav™ MRI

Automatic segmentation of the breast MRI and real-time fusion based on an adaptive 3D model

XStrain™ LV

Automatic assessment of global longitudinal strain in the left ventricle

Automatic Plan

Automatic biometric plan recognition for fetal measurements

Top-class medical imaging visualization*

Led monitor
  • 23.8” Full HD High Dynamic Range Monitor
  • Dual-Layer technology
  • Contrast resolution ratio x 40*
  • Higher sensitivity in brightness and color
  • Long lifespan and stability

*compared to conventional LCD technology

High-tech design, maximum comfort

New workflow gestures

Opti-Light and integrated light sensor

Customizable workstation

XCrystal Technology, micro-slice imaging

Esaote-developed XCrystal technology dramatically increases sensitivity and penetration, to provide sharper images and homogeneity. Esaote, indeed a benchmark for high-performance probe manufacturing, has designed a new generation of transducers to channel the ClearWave Architecture supported by MyLab™X90, and to deliver topclass resolution imaging. The ergonomic shape designed by Esaote engineering provides true comfort in everyday use.

A genuine technological breakthrough in very superficial explorations, the LMX 4-20, Esaote's brandnew HD Single Crystal probe, combined with ClearWave Architecture, benefits of very wide bandwidth and operating frequencies up to 25MHz. It reveals unprecedent clarity in the smallest details without compromising the deeper areas.

Streaming, for secure sharing of live scans

Either for education purposes such as collaborative and application and training sessions, this technology offers real-time streaming of ultrasound, together with picture-inpicture camera on your tablet, phone or laptop.

Versatile connectivity

Supported by a powerful architecture and high-tech components, MyLab™X90 embraces the new trends in term of medical data streams with a complete offer of connectivity tools, such as:

  • MyLab™Tablet
  • MyLab™Desk
  • MyLabRemote

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Premium Ultrasound
with Augmented Insight™